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This is me

Building is more than just putting the right code with the right design. It’s IT strategy, it’s project managing, it’s educating, it’s developing, it’s communicating. And it all starts with the global structure and understanding what is necessary to realize the things we need. That’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. I’ve been working on development, execution and advice for web-based software, applications and the people around it for more than 10 years now. The mapping of an IT landscape, product development and everything that we encounter in the process.

I started off my professional career attempting to become a primary school teacher. I didn’t quite make it, because I felt blocked by rules that in my opinion held me back from doing what I wanted to do: help people grow and develop on their own terms, supported by the right conditions. Designing those conditions – or requirements – based on peoples needs, became the key activity in my work.



Back then it didn’t have a name. Now it’s called Information Architect, Solution Engineer, Process Designer, Product Owner, User Experience Designer or Requirement Engineer. But in general I’m a technical translator between business and IT.

I was always fascinated by the way things work, and quite good at connecting the dots. I started off making websites, back then in Dreamweaver, HTML/CSS. It felt like a logical way to concretize the services of others. The structure behind a website or software has many similarities to the structure and processes within an organization. That’s why it is important to look at the organization and make a translation of the processes within to get that structure – and with that the architectural design – clear.

I am the happiest when I can contribute to get the most out of something. In most of my projects I fulfill the role of clarifier / interpreter – and visualising those into process & product flows. And that really fits me. I’ve spent a lot of time in classrooms, during my studies, but also during my work as a drama teacher. Helping people grow & understand, learning how people are both different and the same. When I made the shift to business, I felt that the world was different, but the needs were the same; In a work environment we learn and develop ourselves all the time, but we forget that we are actually doing so and therefor very often do not orchestrate the right conditions. My work is designing & delivering those. Ideally in products and/or organizations that put people and their development needs first.

For me it’s not just people, or just technology. I want to make a difference in the work environment of people that help others and therefore make the world a little more beautiful every day.




  • Head of IT & Development

    2021 - now

    The Playmakers

    Providing strategic, management and operational guidelines. Developing online & offline products & education / training tools.

    • establishing & redefining processes to ensure overall quality of products.
    • develop technological aspects of business strategy to ensure they align with business objectives.
    • managing overall ICT for operational processes and office automation.
    • implementing & monitoring quality of service, i.e. security needs and privacy by design.
    • develop technology business strategies in multi-year plans; initiating and executing projects.
    • responsibility for managing the allocated budget.
    • stimulating awareness, knowledge sharing, innovation and training throughout company regarding internal & external technology.

  • PO / Project lead for SPG



    For Stichting Platform Geothermie I worked together with EBN, SWN and DAGO to create a product to provide accurate independant information about Geothermal heath as a substitute for the usage of gas as a heating source. The stakeholders provided me with information so I could distill the requirements to create target groups, persona's, user journeys, wireframes and guidelines for design, development and testing to do their job. The product is still in beta and not released to the public officially. Visit allesoveraardwarmte.nl.

  • Product Owner for Amino/24i


    StreamOne / Smart Video

    When the company StreamOne was bought by 24i the onboarding of the Video Streaming Platform / VPAAS was not easy. I stepped in to onboard the product, manage the customers and with the team I maintained and developed it until the new team could take it into their own hands. Now it is happily serving millions of users every day.

  • Architect for Auris Digitaal


    Video Management Platform

    Designing requirements and prototype for VMS that can be linked to an ECD (Electronic Client Dossier)


    For Auris I worked together with the research dept. to create a website providing information about speaking disorders in children for teachers. My task was designing requirements, customer journeys, persona's and eventually building the product itself: tosinbeeld.nl

  • CTO for StreamOne


    Head of Operations

    Providing strategic, management and operational guidelines. Setting up customer support lines, implementing scrum/agile methods. Daily Operations. Preparing company handover, managing stakeholders.

  • Requirement Engineer for SML


    Warehouse Management System

    For Sumis Marketing Logistics I analyzed the current WMS (research, interviews, user cases) and optimizing process, creating requirements and selecting a new supplier.

  • CIO a.i. for Altavia Sumis

    2016 - 2017

    Head of IT

    Providing strategic, management an operational guidelines. Setting up the IT dept. Determine / design the optimal information architecture / IT Landscape. Process design / management. Product design & management.


    Campaign and POS manager for printing, Digital Asset Management, Store DNA, webshop<, PIM (Product Information Management)/p>

    PO OCTO+

    Order Management Software for printmanagement. Developed from on-prem to hybrid cloud to 3.0 SaaS. Also did the handover from initial development party to the new team.


    Customized Webshops for internal printwork or POS materials. Shops were created and customized for AH, ETOS, HEMA, Bijenkort, ANWB and others.

  • Other

    2000 - now

    Office manager, Internal Affairs, Board of advice

    Planning, internal communication, subsidy applications. Organizing the daily structure, managing trainees & interns. Providing strategic advice.

    Webdeveloper / Wordpress

    design, technical realization, content and maintenance of websites & applications.


    Providing lessons & workshops for youngsters at various Elementary & middle schools. Providing training for adolescents and adults.
  • Check my linkedin profile for more information


  • Coding

    I am familiar with front-end, back-end and integration languages and practices regarding software development.

    HTML / CSS
    SQL / XML
    Docker / CI/CD
  • Applications
    I am familiar with various applications & software for wireframing, modelling, designing and coding.
    Google / Microsoft 365
    Lucidchart / Visio
    Github / Bitbucket
    AWS / Azure
    Jira / Confluence
    Adobe / Sketch
  • Language

    I am a Dutch native. Furthermore, I can speak English, German and a little bit of French.

  • Design skills

    I have a well-rounded skill set in UI / UX design.

    Proces design
    User Interviews

  • Courses

    Microsoft Learning Courses


    Followed courses in the Microsoft learning environment

    Diagram Modelling Courses


    Followed courses on MDA creating diagrams in UML and BPMN standards.

    Product Owning Agile/Scrum


    PSPO training ProWareness


    PSPO II training Expandior / Chris Lukassen

  • School

    HBO Fontys Lerarenopleiding

    2011 - 2013

    Essay: Creative expression as an educational element

    Small business & Retail Management

    2005 - 2006

    Essay: Business strategy international growth

    HBO PABO Hogeschool Zuyd

    2000 - 2004

    Undergraduate degree with Honors


Below you can find all sorts of projects I did during the years. The last 5 years I moved away from building applications myself, but was actively Product Developing & Owning, guiding teams, creating architectures and working as CIO. Feel free to take a look around or to ask me if you have any questions left.


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Feel free to send me a message to see what I can do for you. I’m available on a freelance basis and work a maximum of 3,5 days a week. My hourly rate depends on the amount of work and the period of time you would like to hire me for, starting at €80 ex VAT and travel expenses.

Contact me

Utrecht based
Call: +31 6 4459 2020
Mail: mrtvanmoerkerk@gmail.com
or visit linkedin.com/in/mrtvanmoerkerk